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Il est conseillé de bien définir vos besoins, afin que Talentsoft adapte au mieux son offre. En effet, le logiciel proposé dispose d'offres modulables qui peuvent convenir à tout type de structure en fonction de ses attentes et de ses besoins.


Le logiciel Talentsoft est une plateforme dédiée aux entreprises qui souhaitent optimiser la gestion des ressources humaines ainsi que la gestion des carrières. Talentsoft propose ainsi des solutions d'évaluation des performances, de développement des compétences, ainsi que des moyens d'amélioration de la gestion des recrutements.

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Talentsoft dédi une page à la prise de contact, afin de permettre à ceux qui le souhaitent de poser une question, demander des informations et demander une période d'essaie gratuit du logiciel. Voici un extrait de la page en anglais :

"The Talentsoft application will support every step of your talent management initiatives: performance appraisals, recruitment, training, compensation, competency management, career development, and succession planning… "

"Continuously evolving thanks to its 100% Cloud technology, our application provides unique functional depth and flexibility. With Talentsoft, you always have access to the latest version of the solution, without any complicated update, and with flexible financing options: subscription model or perpetual license. Every organization is a unique combination of industry sector, organizational structure, business processes, and HR culture. Talentsoft is designed to fit your specific needs with a modular approach and easily configurable processes and content."

Voici un extrait dans la langue d'origine de la page (anglais), suivit d'un extrait des arguments de Talensoft sur la valeur ajoutée du logiciel.

 "You can always trust Talentsoft for your business, the leader when it comes to integrated talent management. Our SaaS software solution provides you with a comprehensive and customizable tool that is applicable to all aspects of the HR process. So discover the HR SaaS package from Talentsoft today! Whether you are seeking a streamlined way to perform everyday HR tasks, or whether you need to redesign the company's strategy to make it more powerful and cost effective, Talentsoft is the application for you. Assessment, learning, strategy planning, and recruitment are all integrated via Talentsoft to give you an integrated, and thus much more effective and efficient, HR strategy."

"The short answer is: because Talentsoft is so dynamic! Talentsoft works transversely across all your HR system’s various aspects, allowing data to flow smoothly and collect just where it is needed. For instance, in the case of the personalized 'my Talentsoft' interface, data is congregated that is relevant to a given employee, enabling that employee to have all the information that they need at their fingertips to interact with other users and get the job done with optimum effectiveness."

Talentsoft est un logiciel proposant des solutions de gestion des ressources humaines. Voici un extrait de la page en anglais, décrivant les solutions globales proposées par Talentsoft :

"Talentsoft is a market leader in fully integrated Human Resources management software. A unique HR software solution with customizable functions to suit every business from small companies through to global brands."

 "Every aspect of HR is incorporated starting from recruitment, through to training and personnel management. Our comprehensive and customizable software features individual modules which can be combined to meet the needs of any business. Keep secure employee records while utilizing development tools to create the most efficient workforce. Talentsoft is adaptable software which organically grows with your company, employees and the broader business world."


Différentes possibilitées existents pour recruter de nouveaux talents (par exemple des sites internet spécialisés). Mais ces solutions sont coûteuses et longues. Talentsoft permet de gérer facilement et rapidement son recrutement. Ci-apres, un extrait de la page en anglais traitant du sujet :

"Managing recruitment can quickly become a time-consuming task for HR staff. From publishing job offers to reviewing applications, the tasks are often tedious before you can really concentrate on what matters most: hiring new talent for the company. The "Talentsoft Recruiting" recruitment management software solution makes it possible to streamline these processes to boost efficiency. Recruitment via Internet employment sites like jobboards sites and professional social networks also has an impact in terms of cost and time. Talentsoft talent management software will meet all your needs in these areas."

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